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Fiqh of Worship

Ascent to Felicity

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Course Description:

The Prophet ﷺ‎ said, "Islam is built upon five: testifying that there is no deity except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, establishing the ritual prayer, almsgiving, making the pilgrimage to the House, and fasting in Ramadan." {Bukhari & Muslim}

These five components of the religion serve as its foundation and are hence known as its "pillars," since the "edifice" of Islam—or one's entire religious practice—is most centrally based on them. No matter how large a structure one constructs, or how elaborately one decorates the structure, the whole edifice is in peril if its foundation is not firmly established. Therefore, an appropriate measure needs to be taken by the believers to ensure their foundation is established in the most perfect and firm manner.

We must learn how the five pillars are performed and diligently apply that knowledge in consistent practice. We then may turn to our Lord in hope of acceptance, in gratitude for the ability to perform them, and in repentance from our shortcomings therein. Aside from the very belief in one's heart, no other affair, whether worldly or religious, is of greater import. The foundation is of utmost concern.

Instructor: Imam Faisal Khan

Duration: 5 Weeks 

Start Date: July 5th, 2021

Time: Monday to Thursday, 7 - 10 PM (EDT)


Tuition Fees: N/A

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Refunds available before 6/20/21

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Continuing Students ONLY - Diploma

Refunds available before 6/20/21




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