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Shaykha (Alimah) Maryam was born and raised in the United Kingdom. She has been active in the field of teaching, both the Islamic sciences and National Curriculum (equivalent to the U.S. Common Core), for over 15 years. She has taught Jalālayn (tafsīr), Mishkāt (ḥadīth), Hidāyah (fiqh) and Uṣūl ul-Fiqh for several years. In the field of Da’wah, she has delivered lectures throughout the U.K. and abroad. Shaykha Maryam began her formal Islamic studies in England under traditional scholars studying Qur’ān, Tafsīr, Ḥadīth, ‘Aqīdah, Fiqh and Arabic Linguistics. After six years of continuous study, she graduated with a Master’s Degree receiving authorization (ijāzah) in Islamic Theology and Jurisprudence. After graduation, she specialized in ‘Aqīdah with ijāzah and studied books of advanced Fiqh (Ifta’) for two years. She furthered her studies in Morocco and Spain studying the Islamic sciences of spirituality and purification. After her Islamic studies, she completed a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in English Language and Literature. She is a qualified Modern Foreign Language teacher in English.


She is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Education (Leadership and Management). At Quba Institute NY, she is an instructor of Tafsīr, Sīrah and Naḥw.

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