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Forty Hadith

The Virtues of Jerusalem

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Course Description:

Jerusalem is considered the third holiest city in Islam, after Makkah and Medīnah. There are three main reasons for this: (1) it is strongly associated with the Prophets, such as Ibrāhīm, Dāwūd, Sulaymān and Ēsā (peace be upon them all); (2) it was the first qiblah (direction of prayer) in Islam before the Ka'bah in Makkah; and (3) the Holy Sanctuary is also the station of the Prophet Muhammad's sacred journey during the night of al-Isrā' and al-Mi'rāj to the heavens. 

This course will explore Forty Aḥādīth about Shām, its virtues with a brief history, past and present, of Bait ul-Muqaddas (Masjid al-Aqsā), and short biographies of the Companions who lived and died there.

Instructor: Imam Faisal Khan

Duration: 1 Month (Ramadan), 4 Saturdays

Start Date: April 25th, 2020

Time: Saturdays, 10 AM to 2 PM


Tuition Fees: N/A

Discount Price Indefinite Due to COVID-19

*Coursebook Included for ON-SITE ONLY.

Special Package Available

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Refunds available before March 31, 2020




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